Cats and Cat Food; Ending Homeowner’s Insurance and Landlord Pet Profiling


Kara Burns

Kara Burns, board member EveryCat Health Foundation and a veterinary technician specialist in nutrition discusses how medically urgent it may be if a cat goes 24 hours without eating HERE on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio. And the “finicky” cat might be finicky, but often there is a medical explanation. Bow important it is to keep track of what individual cats are eating (or not) in a household.  She explains that trekking what dog eat is important, but even more so for cats.

And she explains how important the texture of food is for cats. So, exposing cats to various textures, both moist and kibble and even potentially different brands can be beneficial. And Burns answers the really big question: Moist cat food or dry food? Is variety the spice of life for cats?

As cats age they are prone to losing muscle mass.

Are some cats left or right pawed?

End Homeowner’s Insurance and Landlord Pet Profiling

Rep. Rita Mayfield

Listen HERE on Steve Dale’s Pet World to illinois State Representative Rita Mayfield and why she is sponsoring House Bill1049 which will prevent insurance companies from discriminating against breeds or certain mixes regarding homeowners or renters insurance. She points out that no breed or mix is “inherently evil.” Insurance company’s do discriminate as different companies may ban different breeds (so for some company’s some breeds are acceptable while the same breeds may not be for other insurers) and this all varies state to state – which makes no sense.

And her bill will also prevent landlords or HOA’s from discriminating against certain dog breeds or dogs of a certain size (which is always random). In  this instance size should not matter. Rep. Mayfield’s bill will save pet lives as housing is currently the most significant explanation for relinquishment to shelters.

Rep. Mayfield’s bill says you can’t deny housing or insurance or increase of insurance rate based on breed (or presumed breed). “We don’t think it’s right to deny a family member; this is not a toy; it’s a family member,” she says.