Cats and Fleas


Dr. Mike Lappin

Dr. Michael Lappin, professor internal medicine Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine discusses on national Steve Dale’s Pet World why it’s necessary to protect cats against fleas. This is always true, but even more true when there are also dogs in the family (even when dogs are protected) and when cats are called “indoors only” but periodically venture outside or spend time on a patio or catio. Dr.Lappin explains how Norman created a problem in his own house.

lea bites cause itchiness in many cats and an allergic response. Also, tapeworm occurs because of fleas and so does Bartonella henselae which is cat scratch fever, which can sicken people. And Dr. Lappin explains how this can happen but also how it’s all preventable.  Although rare, cat scratch disease can cause people to have serious complications. and affect the brain, eyes, heart, or other internal organs. These rare complications, which may require intensive treatment, are more likely to occur in children or geriatrics or people with compromised immune systems.

Overall, it’s been shown over and over having cats in our lives is beneficial to our health. Preventing cat scratch is as easy as preventing fleas in cats (also keeping cats indoors further reduces any risks). For the best bets for protection against fleas, contact your veterinarian.