Cats and the Veterinarian: Carrier Training for Cats


Cats visits to the veterinarian are typically about about as relaxed as a fish is out of water….although, veterinary visits are down for many reasons, one is simply that the previous visit didn’t go so well. The American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) is doing something about it by making the visit as hospitable as possible (to both cats and cat owners too), as veterinary practices around America are signing up for a program called Cat Friendly Practices.

Another issue is getting the cat there in the first place. Here’s a video we did on training cats to carriers.

And still another problem is the mistaken notion that indoor cats don’t require preventive care. Now, if you really think about it – this idea makes little sense. Being indoors is definitely safer for cats, but it doesn’t lessen the odds of heart disease, cancers, hyperthyroid disease or a long list of potential problems. In fact, obesity and associated problems (such as diabetes and arthritis) are more likely to occur.

While dogs don’t visit the veterinarian for preventive care as often as they should, a surprising number of families do take the dog to the vet – but never the cat – unless the vet is exceedingly ill. So a very simple campaign in the veterinary community has begun called ‘Have We Seen Your Cat Lately.’