Cat Crashes Yankee vs. Orioles Game


The New York Yankee crowd chanted “MVP.” I watched this video in horror.

How many people does it take to wrangle a cat? Apparently more than the Yankees have on their ground crew. No one sat down to determine if the cat might just come when not chased, and no one grabbed a towel – which are are likely hundreds in the clubhouse or a large duffle-type bag for the cat to escape into.

On August 2, with the Orioles holding a six-run lead in the eighth when the tabby emerged from the third base side as Yankees star Aaron Judge batted against Paul Fry. The cat sped past Baltimore left fielder Ryan McKenna, then got on the warning track and dashed back and forth. The feline climbed up on the low padding along the wall and tried to scale the bullpen fence, but kept falling back down.

Seems like I could have a new job, that’s teaching baseball grounds crews how to humanely and safely capture a kitty.

No explanation on how the cat wound up on the field in the first place, or what happened to the terrified cat once released into the stands.

The feline represented a different challenge for Stadium workers, who have had to deal with rowdy fans in recent games. One was tackled after trying to run across the field, while another was banned for life after throwing a ball at Red Sox outfielder Alex Verdugo.