Cats Die in Hot Car


I’ve been writing lately about dogs dying in hot cars, even demonstrating in a video how hot a car can be. Cats can suffer heat stroke too (and for that matter, people – and it does happen).

A woman is facing charges of animal cruelty after 28 cats were found shut inside a small, black vehicle where temperatures had reached 120 degrees. Eight of the cats had died before they could be rescued by Nampa Animal Control in Idaho.

The owner of the cats, 31-year-old Ashley Leptich, has been charged with 33 counts of animal cruelty.

Police discovered the felines, ranging in age from 2 days old to 2 years old, near a Nampa residence on Thursday (July 30). More unhealthy cats were later found inside the home.

Animal Control and Nampa police officers removed the cats from the car and began emergency first aid. Those felines were taken to an animal shelter, where they are now in good condition.