Cats Discovered in Hoarder Home, Now What?


Chicago city officials and others have been working to try to capture dozens of cats, with estimates likely near 100 or more cats, living in an abandoned house in the Belmont Central neighborhood.

The city declared the brick bungalow at 6207 W. Roscoe St. uninhabitable in April. The lone resident was evicted, though windows were left open, and the mostly black cats poured out of the house at their will.

Neighbors said workers didn’t board up the home at the time the homeowner was evicted, fearing the cats inside would die. That’s a good thing, but no one (so far) can answer how this issue has gone on so long without informing Chicago Animal Care and Control.

Meanwhile, animal control, Tree House Humane Society and PAWS Chicago have stepped in. Rescue workers required hazmat suits to go inside to remove the cats, of all ages, as they are able.

Tree House has taken the overwhelming majority of the cats, including 17 cats today – some are already in foster care or soon will be following veterinary exams. Tree House will continue to remove the cats.  Tree House is coordinating temporary triage sites for the cats to get care until they can be scheduled for spay/neuter surgery and be prepared for placement.

Still, many of the cats remain in the hoarder home and still need to be taken out – and now, by court order.  The problem remains, where to put them?

Tree House is stepping up to save them, but foster families and dollars to support this effort are desperately needed – after all, this is a lot of cats! Tree House has also compiled a list of products they need to help with these cats as well.

“The conditions are out of control, feces is everywhere,” says Jenny Schlueter, development director at Tree House.  “I suppose the owner was desperate didn’t know what else to do. He apparently would come around midnight to feed them. It’s all very sad.”

While some cats are in better health than others – most of the cats are actually in adequate health even good health, though many are somewhat malnourished.

Here’s Updated Information on how to help the cats.