Cats Get Parasites Too


Cats need protection from fleas and ticks too. Dr. Christine Royal of Merck Animal Health talks about how cats can get heartworm. We talk about what can happen, which may be sudden death or heartworm associated respiratory disease (which has asthma-type symptoms). Imagine a 12-inch long worm winding its way inside a cat’s respiratory system. Mosquitoes do get inside our homes. Another issue is that due to climate changes, and other factors mosquitoes and ticks as well are at an all time time.

There is no treatment for heartworm in cats, and some tick diseases in cats can be deadly. That’s why prevention is so important.

Dr. Royal makes an exciting announcement. Bravecto Plus for Cats, a spot-on medication formulated to fight a variety of feline parasites for up to two months, has earned U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval.  Instead being applied every four weeks, this great thing is that is applied every other month.