Cesar Millan Offers Answers to Behavior Questions


Do you really want me to offer what I think is wrong with these answers?  (Millan’s production company removed the video known as Millan kicking dogs from YouTube. Not sure how they can remove this YouTube video)

Question #1: I agree some dogs who destroy the house may not be getting enough exercise; Millan did not consider the possibility that this dog (from puppyhood on) never learned to be home alone. He also didn’t mention the possibility of separation distress, which all the exercise int he world won’t by itself solve. On one of my radio shows, he answered a similar question (about a home alone dog) suggesting “clearly there is a lack of leadership.”

Question #2: Again, I agree with some of what Millan said, and I do believe some dogs would be alcoholics if they could be. However, when dogs lick the bottom of their paws, allergies are a rule out. He did not send this dog to a veterinary dermatologist or any veterinarian. And he likely should have sent this person to receive additional help, particularly from a veterinary behaviorist. It’s what I would have done, and have done countless times.On TV or radio, you can’t know all the answers, and pretending to is wrong.