Cesar Millan's Dutch Response: Piep You, Steve Dale


I know I’ve been outspoken and publicly critical of Cesar Millan’s training methods (of course, I’m not alone).

One example is here…..Still, there are many topics where I agree with Millan. As one example, I admire his support to elevate the status of Pit Bull type dogs.

No matter, I believe I am civil and fact-based in what I write about Millan ( this piece about his show going off the air).

Not sure this response is really from Cesar himself, more likely from s very devoted fan.  I don’t speak Dutch but you don’t have to drop a Great Dane on my head for me to get the idea!

Using Google translator – here is what the blog says:

Much of the criticism is there too. For example, Steve Dale. Who writes on its Internet Home is better that Cesar “The Dog Screamer” can be called instead of ‘Dog Whisperer’. And he forces the dog too much and not let make his own choices.
HELLO STEVE?!?!?! It’s a squeaky dog! Shut the beep up with your jealous disposition and your ugly head, your teeth will never be as white as that of Cesar, bitch! You dog!

I apologize to the blog poster for my ugly head.  I came that way. Cesar’s head is – I agree –  very good looking.

Jealous of Mr. Millan, if you say so. Actually, it’s that I disagree, and am sincerely concerned about safety (for dogs and people). Jealous? Not so much.

But you are sure right about one thing, my teeth (and I do brush and floss) have never been whitened. Also, are you aware you are called me a female dog?