Changes in Veterinary Medicne


Certified veterinary technician Mary Ann Minnick and I talk HERE on WGN Radio about how veterinary medicine is changing.

Beginning with talking about all pets’ wellness, how integrative medicine is more important than ever. We mean integrating modalities like physical therapy or acupuncture – as just two examples – combined with traditional medicine.

We discuss how intimate privately owned veterinary hospitals are going away, and the corporately owned mega-hospitals are becoming more common every day. Certainly, the are advantages, especially for employees who may not want to work 40 or 50 hours a week, and still get great benefits. But what about for pet owners? This is especially true when pet caretakers resist broad spectrum generalized treatment, and prefer the personal touch and individualized medicine.

Fear Free is another trend, minimizing fear, anxiety and stress – not only in veterinary clinics but in homes, and also dog training classes, groomers and at animal shelters. It turns out that emotional well-being and physical health are more intertwined than we ever thought. Learn more at

The most popular veterinarian in America is now Dr. Google. Just a we go online to learn about our health, we do the same for our pets. The information might be on target, but there’s also tons of misinformation.

We also discuss how new technology has impacted and continues to affect veterinary medicine. The diagnostic equipment veterinarians use are exactly the same as the one your doctor may use. That’s why I think veterinary medicine is the biggest bargain in medicine. Now, Minnick also talks about going online or to Costco for drugs, which might be the most economic solution for pet owners.

I also talk about keeping pets safe in hot weather and dogs dying in hot cars, and how often that really happens. Here’s a video of me in a hot car, wearing my wife’s fake fur coat to replicate the coat most dogs wear every day and a winter hat.