Chatting with a Monkee


Micky Dolenz

Hey, Hey, they’re the Monkees – if you didn’t grow up watching them, then you grew up watching the reruns. And if you missed seeing all of that, check the Monkees out on YouTube – the Monkees are all about having a party, clean unadulterated fun. I spoke with Micky Dolenz, the one surviving band member HERE on WGN Radio.

Dolenz explain how it is that the Monkees manage to hold up through the years. The songs did indeed have great writers, the likes Neil Diamond, Carole King, Neil Sedaka, and Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart.

He describes how the Monkees first met, and what the “romps” were – today, we call them music videos.

You will hear a sample of his latest EP Dolenz sings Nesmith – it’s a very different sound, almost melancholy.

Dolenz explains what the series of shows are, Micky Dolenz Celebrates the Monkees, that he’s now on the road doing, how we will honor his now passed on bandmates. He personal thoughts on each of his brothers, Mike Nesmith, Peter Tork and Davy Jones.