Cheap Reader, Do I Have the Ebook for You, 'Good Dog'


Q: Call me cheap, but I’m not spending my hard-earned money any longer on pet books. You once mentioned on the radio a good, affordable e-book on dogs, available for Kindle. That’s what I want. What’s the title? — J.B., Cyberspace

A: Diamond Jim Brady, I have just the book for you: “Good Dog! Practical Answers to Behavior Questions.” The book, which I authored, includes the best of over 10 years of my Q&A columns. In the book, I cover everything from puppies to senior dogs, and behavioral issues including aggression, attention-seeking behaviors and separation anxiety. The price is only $2.99.

Get this team value at $2.99, Diamond Jim. I write the book, a certified dog and cat behavior consultant. The introduction was written by the one and only Betty White, the foreword is from Victoria Stilwell, of “It’s Me or the Dog” on Animal Planet, and the preface is by Dr. Sheldon Rubin, a Chicago veterinarian and past-president of the Illinois and Chicago Veterinary Medical Associations, and past president American Heartworm Society.

Call me old-fashioned, but despite having created this ebook, I still like books you can hold and smell!

By the way. since I happen to be plugging – I have a similar book out, $2..99 also, an ebook called “Good Cat! Practical Answers to Behavior Problems” 

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