Chicago Architecture Cruise for Dogs


The architecture cruise for dogs, called the Canine Cruise, on the Chicago River was actually my idea, about 15 years ago. I talk HERE with Holly Agra, co-owner Mercury Skyline Cruiseline Son my Steve Dale’s Other World radio show on WGN Radio about how that all started quite innocently when Holly happened by the studio, and I made the recommendation. She thought what the heck, it’s worth a try – and all these years later the idea doesn’t only continue in Chicago, similar boat rides with dogs welcome are offered elsewhere. The captain points out the city’s most historic fire hydrant, the park with the most squirrels, etc.

Not only do you come downtown with your pup for the canine cruise, but after the ride you can enjoy lunch at any of the many dog-friendly restaurants. Learn more about the Canine Cruise.

You can also watch a segment about the canine cruise from two years ago, which aired with Andrea Darlas on WGN-TV.

Over 20 years it was the Mercury Skyline Cruiseline has been offering the original Chicago Architecture Foundation rides up and down the Chicago River, as narrated by docents from the Chicago Architecture Foundation. As I explain, many companies say they offer architecture rides, but this is the only one that’s the real deal. Learn more HERE.

Check it out, what’s it’s like on Chicago’s First Lady on the Architecture Foundation Cruise with Ch. 9 TV.

Just as I came up with the original dog cruise idea, I offer Holly another idea. This time she wasn’t so enthused – at least, so far. However, I still support this: “Whale watching on Lake Michigan.” The cruise would include beer. Soon, people will be seeing whales.