Chicago Dog Show is the Greatest Show, Not So Great for Dogs in Sochi


International Kennel Club of Chicago Show’s Susan Olsen pops into the studio on Steve Dale’s Pet World, Sunday February 9, 6:35 AM CDT; listen at 720 AM or here. 

I’ve always maintained with the pomp and circumstance that goes along with the Westminster Dog Show, the IKC Chicago dog show actually has a lot more to offer, and the same standard of excellence for dogs who compete in conformation – the dog show part. There’s always so much more going on in Chicago, from agility demo’s to breed specific rescue groups talking about their breeds….shelters are there, and so are a long list of dog related organizations.  This will all keep the family busy for hours at a time. The big Chicago dog show, International Kennel Club of Chicago is February 22-23 at McCormick Place….and one of the only benched dog shows remaining in America, which we will explain on the radio.

Also, on the show – apparently, I’ve made national news, of sorts, as I commented on Keith Obermann’s editorial about how stray dogs are being killed in Sochi. I called for a boycott of viewing the games on NBC without meaning to, or maybe I did mean to…Here’s the post. 

I also said, “If you do watch the games cuddled up with your best friend with four legs – keep in mind that for every time you watch an event, outside the venue or just down the road the ‘exterminators’ are seeking to kill stray dogs (and cats, reportedly as well). And they may be succeeding.”

If you aren’t aware, here’s the background which Olbermann speaks, regarding killing stray dogs in Sochi.

At 2:30 on WGN Radio with Bill Moller talking about the Lincoln State Cat Show with Dayle Marsh and Marci Baturin.  It’s one of the best cat shows in the Midwest, held February 22-23 at Harper College, Bldg M1200 W Algonquin Rd, Palatine.