Chicago Dog Show; Service Dogs and PTSD; Have We Seen Your Cat Lately? WGN Petcast


If you enjoyed  the Westminster Dog Show, check out the International Kennel Club of Chicago Dog Show, which will be at McCormick Place February 23-24. Susan Olsen, show chair from the dog show describes the long list of activities associated with the show, everything from a nose work demonstrations, to nearly 30 breed rescue groups to demos of dogs who assist disabled children  This venerable dog show is one of the few remained benched shows in the country (which is a good thing for people who come to see the show).  Of course, over 3,000 of some of the finest dogs in the nation will compete for Best in Shows on each day. I happen to be the announcer for the Group Competition on Sunday (from about 3 p.m. or so until about 6 p.m. or so).  Learn more also, 773-237-5100.

What goes on during a dog show? Dr. Carmen Battaglia has judged somewhere over 5,000 dogs and likely over 10,000 in his prestigious career. We talked about exactly how dogs get to move up from their breed competition to the Group competition to ultimately, the lucky ones, in Best in Show. But what is that dog show judge really looking for? I asked Carmen why his hands are all over that dog? And why are Poodles, and some other breeds groomed the way they are?  And he talks about what all judges think about, no matter what breed they’re watching – having to do with function.

Battaglia is also the President of the Dog Writer’s Association of America – he explains what this group is all about, and why if you want to write about dogs or take their pictures, you may consider signing up.

I weigh in on your reader question about the recent report in the Journal Nature on cats killing more birds than perviously suspected.

I’m sad, and shocked – how could the Veterans Administration withdraw their support of service dogs for returning veterans with post traumatic stress disorders? I anyone would have answer, I suspected veterinary behaviorist Dr. Karen Overall would – After all, she advises the U.S. Military.

Dr. Gary Norsworthy talks about a smart campaign called, Have We Seen Your Cat Lately, to better understand why some cats aren’t seeing the veterinarian. Norsworthy is an an author of “The Feline Patient (4th Edition).”

Certified cat behavior consultant Jacqueline Munera says sometimes your cat may not be feeling well, even may be in pain, and you might not know it. Signs of pain in cats is the topic.