Chicago Mayoral Candidate Alderman Bob Fioretti Talks Dogs


Chicago Alderman and Mayoral candidate Bob Fioretti offers his platform for pets on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio.

Listen HERE as the second ward Alderman begins by saying he is opposed breed specific legislation (BSL). He says he’s certainly supportive of any (sensible) ordinance which supports public safety, but he notes BSL is unfair and the notion of banning breeds, including dogs called pit bulls, is based on “bad science.”

The Alderman rightly so touts the dog parks in his which he helped to create. One of those dog friendly areas (Fred Anderson Dog Friendly Area) is the largest in the City (with assistance from the community, the South Loop Dog Pack). And certainly, for the communities, these dog parks are very much utilized.  Fioretti understands these dog friendly areas actually help to build community, and may even lessen crime.

The new Maggie Daley Park doesn’t allow dogs. Fioretti takes an absolute position, and believes the park should allow dogs – and/or – even better have a dog friendly area there specifically for dogs. In fact, Fioretti believes all  city parks (with enough space) should have places specifically for dogs! Well, with those words – he endeared himself to Chicago dog owners.

I asked Ald. Fioretti how it is that most of  Chicago voters (according to Chicago Tribune polling) doesn’t care for Mayor Rham Emmanuel, or think he’s done a good job – yet they may vote for him. That seems counterintuitive, and rather unusual. Fioretti explains what he believes that’s all about. Also, Mayor Rham, interestingly enough, doesn’t want to go face to face with those running against him.

One thing about Fioretti for sure that  you can’t argue – he is from Chicago, and he clearly knows the city.