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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE#Chicago Proud with Steve Dale and Alderman James Cappleman


Tressa Feher, Aid. Cappleman’s chief of staff

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Alderman James Cappleman #ChicagoProud

Alderman James Cappleman #ChicagoProud


We are living in an era where serious problems are highlighted all the time, often leading to a state of

overload with residents left with feelings of hopelessness. As members of Chicago City Council, we see

and hear about horrendous pain from constituents that speak to a brokenness in our society.

Every Chicagoan has their own different story that brought them to where they are today, and some have

more than their fair share of challenges, tragedies, and losses. However, it is a willingness to forge ahead

with a sense of gratitude that ultimately leads many of us to move forward with our lives.

That sense of gratitude comes alive when we think on those things that make us proud to be Chicagoans.

It might be from hearing about an heroic act of a police officer saving the life of someone, or it could be as

simple as observing a young adolescent on the train give up his seat for an expectant mother. It is all

those acts of heroism or kindness that makes us grateful to be a part of the human race; all things that

continue to motivate us to keep giving back to others.

We all witness these simple acts everyday. However, we need to acknowledge them more because when

we do, it makes us a kinder and more gentle people. During City Council on October 5, 2016, Aid. James

Cappleman and 31 of his colleagues co-sponsored a resolution that asked Chicagoans from all walks of

life to set aside time each day to recognize those things around us that make us proud to be Chicagoans

by using #ChicagoProud in social media. While we continue to recognize serious challenges that the City

of Chicago faces each day, we also acknowledge the great things around us that motivate us to be better


It is also important to acknowledge WGN Radio Steve Dale who brought this to the attention of City Council

and who paved the way to encourage others to highlight #ChicagoProud on a daily basis. Working

together, we are #ChicagoProud.

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