Chihuahua's On Australia's Most Dangerous Dog List


I’ve always called breed specific bans – most often targeted at Pit Bulls – absolutely stupid. I concede that’s a harsh and inarticulate way to put things. But really, BSL is just stupid. Breed bans are not founded by science, and simply don’t work.

Beware of this dangerous dog – a menace to the community

On the radio, and testifying to City Councils, I’ve even said, “You might as well ban Chihuahua’s then, for all the good a breed ban will do.” Well, wouldn’t you know it, according to the Daily News Analysis, and Melbourne, Australia Chihuahuas have officially been declared menacing creatures by authorities,
under controversial new state laws aimed at slowing the state’s rising
number of dog attacks.

What the ****? Ok – if this doesn’t make it crystal clear and prove my point….Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Poodles, Pomeranians or Chihuahuas aren’t the problem – its people who have these dogs who have no clue what they’re getting, in the instance of small dogs they’re raised as children with four legs (good we love them, bad we treat them as children) and they are not appropriately trained and socialized. In any case, the breeds themselves aren’t the issue.