Choosing the Right Flea Product to Protect Your Family


Picking a flea or tick product at a big-box store is typically a decision made on impulse, because the box is a pretty color or maybe the name of the product is recognizable, or maybe what’s on sale but these aren’t really the right reasons says Dr. Michael Dryden, veterinary parasitologist at Kansas State University.

Listen HERE to my Steve Dale’s Pet World interview with Dryden who stresses the importance of something new regarding flea products, called residual speed of kill.

Dryden says in the south where opossums, squirrels, raccoons and/or feral cats are in yards – there is nearly guaranteed to be an ongoing flea issue.And the fleas love the summer through the southeast, northeast and midwest.

Aside from being gross, fleas transmit the most common skin disease in our pets, which is not only uncomfortable but also can lead to secondary infections . Thet transmit Bartonellosis and tapeworms, both of those can be transmitted to people.