Christmas Safety for Pets, Dr. Adam Christman and Pet Poison Helpline


Dr. Adam Christman

Happy Howlidays! Dr. Adam Christman, Chief Veterinary Officer at DVM 360 (AKA Santa Paws) is just like the real Santa.

Listen HERE to Steve Dale’s Pet World on WGN Radio as Dr. Christman discusses safety tips, beginning with the potential linear foreign body called tinsel. In other words, surgery can result if the pet swallows.

Don’t hang glass ornaments on the tree, not only to save the ornaments from breaking but also so you don’t have broken glass. All trees should be secured at the top and the bottom and and perhaps a little fence around the tree – all to prevent the tree from being toppled over and deter cats from climbing the tree.

As sorts of things are sprinkled in the water to keep trees living long but you don’t want your pet drinking this stuff.

Potpourri is what Dr. Christman says is a “hard no.” This can be dangerous if swallowed by dogs or cats and the aromas dangerous to pet birds.

You can find Dr. Christman on TikTok (and find his dogs) @Dr.adamchristman52

Pet Poisons

Listen HERE to the manager of veterinary professional services and Senior Veterinary Toxicologist at Pet Poison Helpline, Dr. Renee Schmid, offers tips on keeping pets safe at this time of year. Many problems which veterinarians see in the ER are preventable.

Chocolate is, of course, a problem, particularly dark chocolate. Dr. Schmid says Christmas is the day most often where calls come in about chocolate ingestion.

Edibles are a concern – particularly chocolate products, so it’s not only the THC (marijuana) it’s also the chocolate. 

The artificial sweetener called Xylitol is very dangerous.

We discuss alcohol products given to dogs, or energy drinks.

Who knew avocado for pet birds and rabbits is really dangerous, so watch where the guacamole goes.

It’s Fishy

And does this fish win an award for ‘mother-of-the-year?’