Citizens for Canine Attack Prevention Seek to Prevent Pit Bulls


Citizens for Canine Attack Prevention, by all accounts,supports breed specific legislation (banning any dog referred to as a pit bill, and perhaps adding in other breeds).

This group is holding a rally, or an ‘education program,’ as I was told to “educate the public regarding dangerous dog breeds.”

There will be music, dance and theatrical selections – Wow, what a celebration. Since breed bans are the equivalent to canine death sentences – even if the dogs have done nothing wrong,  let’s celebrate.

The program, being called Harmony in Action, and will be Wednesday, Nov. 12 at the Chicago Daley Plaza (at the Picasso), starting at noon.

There’s a list of confirmed speakers, followed by a list of public officials – the implication is that these public officials are attending. I can’t imagine one will. this groups’ information is misleading in one place, might it misleading elsewhere?

Listed are Illinois Governor Pat Quinn (Governor Quinn has told me privately and confirmed publicly many times that he is strongly opposed to be breed bans); Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart (No Sheriff in America takes dog fighting as seriously, and he agrees the dogs are victims. In fact, the sheriff office employs at least one pit bull type dog, a cadaver dog); Chicago City Clerk Susan Mendoza (a dog lover – and she totally understands breed specific bans do not work to decrease dog attacks. She’s in charge of dog licensing. I suspect she is aware, where there are breed bans, people hide dogs and obviously don’t license them), and Mayoral candidate and Alderman Bob Fioretti (While rightly concerned about public safety, like all these on this list, I know personally he loves dogs and does not favor breed bans).

Citizens for Canine Attack Prevention chose the wrong city. Maybe they will find a public official at some low level to appear, not sure who that would be.

In their introductory letter, the Citizens for Canine Attack Prevention writes, “The public needs to be better informed with facts. Myths about dangerous dog breeds being ‘trainable’ need to be dispelled. Action needs to be taken to protect children, empower victims, education the public and legislate change.”   

Perhaps, the Citizens for Canine Attack Prevention aren’t aware that Chicago Aldermen have three times turned away the idea of a breed ban. Today, several Chicago aldermen themselves own dogs refereed to as pit bulls.

The Chicago Veterinary Medical Association and Illinois State Veterinary Medical Association are both strongly supportive of the Illinois state law that prohibits breed specific legislation.  The Chicago Alliance of Shelter Animals also opposes breed bans. The American Veterinary Medical Association, headquartered in Schaumburg, IL, is also firmly opposed to breed bans.

The list of speakers does not include a single veterinary behaviorist. In fact, the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior recently released a position statement indicating why breed bans do NOT work.

What we know regarding serious dog attacks is outlined in this Tribune Content Agency story I authored called “Breed Specific Legislation Position Statement: BSL is Ineffective.”

Listen, no one argues that serious dog attacks are  tragic….We know though what causes these attacks to occur. What these dogs who have seriously hurt people have in common has nothing to do with breed (or alleged breed), but instead a variety of other factors, and at the top of that list is responsible dog ownership.

Collage Warner, founder for Citizens for Canine Attack Prevention and and Jeff Borchart of Daxton’s Friends for Canine Education & Awareness will be in-studio on WGN-radio, 6:30AM CDT on  November 9.

* Warner and Borchart have now declined to appear on the show