Climbing for a Cause to Benefit Cats


There ain’t no mountain high enough for Janette Lapointe Biehler.  On September 28, she will begin her ascent to benefit cats!

Whiteface Mountain in the Adirondacks of New York State is the 5th highest peak in NY with an elevation of 4,867 feet. Janette has managed to climb 45 of the Adirondack high peaks; this will be number 46, an accomplishment on many levels.  When she succeeds, she is elevated to the “46th Club.” Being in this unique club means she summited all 46 High Peaks of the Adirondack Mountains. The 46ers are dedicated to preserving wilderness, and the club works in cooperation with the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation.

Her previous climbs have benefited various charities, including The Open Door Mission, Cookies For Kids Cancer, Colden Charities, and Operation Freedom Ride, but now the biggest climb of all will benefit the Winn Feline Foundation. And you can support Janette

She says, “I’ve been striving to be a 46er for several years. I am a cat lover and will always have cats. I currently have two rescues at home:  Gypsy (black kitty) and Minnabelle (Calico). I do graphic design work for the Cat Fanciers’ Association and Jo Ann Miksa Blackwell told me about the Winn Foundation. We decided to make it the grand finale fundraiser! My final five hikes were combined with charity in a program I call ‘Climbing For A Cause.’ I’ve raised money for five different causes and want to finish big.”

The Winn Feline Foundation is a non-profit which funds cat health studies. Nearly, all we know for the past five decades regarding feline health has been funded by Winn. She adds,  “The Winn Foundation is dedicated to the well-being of all cats and this fundraiser is dedicated to all of our beloved pets (cats, dogs, hamsters, etc.), and also our pets who have passed on but live in our hearts forever.”

For Janette, this Climbing for a Cause is the culmination of seven years of climbs, and proving that through positive actions she can make a difference for others. While Janette is the one actually climbing, she can’t raise money without your help. Please help Janette to achieve her goal by clicking here, and to help all cats in the process.