Cockfighter Gets What He Deserves


So far, my favorite story of the year:

At cockfights sharp blades (sometimes called spurs) are often attached to the legs of birds. While attending an illegal cockfight in Kern County, CA., Jose Luis
Ochoa was stabbed to death by a blade attached to one of his own fighting
roosters, according to

An autopsy Wednesday (February 2) revealed that the accidental death was caused by
an injury to Ochoa’s right calf, according to a Kern County Sheriff’s
Department news release.

Blades or spurs are typically used, a lethal weapon

The victim had previously been fined $370 for his involvement in a cockfighting ring.

Deputies, who were tipped off by an anonymous caller, found five
dead roosters and other evidence of cockfighting at the scene, No arrests have been made and no citations have been written in
connection to the incident.
(I thank Hugh T. for providing the information for this post)