Commenting on Chicago Animal Care and Control on Politics Tonight and with Brian Noonan on WGN Radio


Just hours before the protest at Chicago Animal Care and Control of the firing of Executive Director Susan Russell, I appeared on Politics Tonight with Paul Lisnek. 

In a prerecorded package prior to me speaking to Paul, Alderman Ray Lopez says he wanted numbers closer to a “no kill city.” We have those numbers, Alderman! You know that! And can you, incidentally, define ‘no kill city?”

Also he suggested rescue groups had issue with Susan. I don’t think so, Alderman. That is made up as far as I know. He said employees have complained. Maybe. But since morale has not been better in around a decade or more, I doubt that.

I talked to Paul about the Mayor’s Office allegations of Russell warehousing dogs, and talk about the fact that when dogs are adopted into a family with another dog or dogs, sometimes the dogs don’t get along. Yes, you want to avoid this situation, but some problems do happen anywhere.

I express my hope the Russell’s replacement is not a political hire.

On WGN Radio, I talk HERE with Brian Noonan about the firing of Russell. Brian did a superb job, asking the right questions with the right tone.

Alderman Lopez was asked to appear with me, but declined the offer.

with Brian Noonan on WGN radio

Noonan is right, no public official can make a city “no kill” without a plan, without a coalition of animal welfare and veterinary medicine and resources to do it.  Here’s how Alderman Lopez inserted me into the story, and indeed I was a part of the story.  

I don’t know why Ald. Lopez targeted Russell so early on – even barely two weeks into the job. Why not offer to help? If there’s a problem there (not sure there even was), then fix it.  If you really are an animal guy – that IS what you do. I was very honest in my description of some of Lopez’s antics.

If Russell’s job description is to save animals – clearly Russell has done that. Lopez has been touting “we want a “no kill” city. And, in fact, we’ve succeeded, and without resources needed – still succeeding. Having said that, of course, the goal is to do better.

I comment on false allegations that Chicago Animal Care and Control had been stockpiled animals.

How can anyone do a better job when the City ties the paws of the Director of Chicago Animal Care and Control? Answer is, impossible.

Monday July 9 on WGN Radio with John Williams at 2:35 p.m., Susan Russell speaks out, answers questions for the first time.