Condoms for Cats


I don’t exactly get this story about condoms for cats, but – if nothing else – it’s getting attention.

Cats can’t put condoms on themselves, since the love glove could get punctured by his
claws.  Rocky Mountain Alley Cat
executive director Amy Angelilli expect people to use the
organization’s newest product, Tom Cat Condoms?

Angelilli credits a RMACA volunteer with coming up with the condom idea.
But how to simulate a kitty rubber? Turns out there’s a product called Latex Finger Cots. They’re designed to cover fingers in medical procedures.

Tom Cat Condoms are only one part of a what Angelilli describes as a
“racy” campaign designed to grab the attention of the younger

Traditionally RMACA spayed or neutered approximately 3,000 feral and
stray cats annually. With The Feline Fix, the goal is to double the
number of surgeries; and in doing so, humanely prevent up to 45,000
homeless kittens from being born each year.

RMACA also offers humane traps for loan, along with instructions for
safely and effectively catching cats. Their ambassador program provides
TNR information and education to the public. (this post suggestion came from several Facebook fans)