Consumer Guidelines for Care of America's #1 Companion


CATegorical Care: An Onwers Guide to America’s #1 Companion is FREE to download. It’s 24 pages of information about how to adopt cats (June is Adopt-A-Cat Month), about cat care and health; how to get cats to the veterinarian, how you might observe your cat needs veterinary care, how to train cats, why identification for cats is important and declaw is absolutely not necessary, but keeping cats indoors is in your cat and your neighbor’s best interest. Also myths about cats. are included.In other words, everything you’ve always wanted to know about cats. And did I say, this is FREE?

CATegorical Care is a combined effort of the American Humane Association and the CATalyst Council. The Society of Animal Welfare Administrators and Winn Feline Foundation also stand behind the information, as do various individual prominent veterinary and animal welfare reviewers, including the American Veterinary Medical Association