A Conversation with Paul Lisnek: And That's Never Easy


WGN-TV/CLTV Political commentator Paul Lisnek was supposed to have been on the Bill Leff and Wendy Snyder stream to talk politics, and we eventually get to that, after we blab with about one another (and you won’t believe these stories… like Lisnek is actually a Kentucky Colonel Sanders). Listen to our wide-ranging conversation HERE.

We spoke about how this is my twentieth year at WGN radio, and that Robert Feder wrote about that, but the career kind of began on a “make-believe radio station” with Paul.

And, Paul reminded me about how my mom once called into WCFL radio when I was on the air there to announce I had left the milk out.

We mention Paul’s WGN Radio podcast “Behind the Curtain” and how he interviewed Peter Marshall when Rose Marie was unable to do the interview. He also talked about the movie soon to be released, Wait for the Laugh, about Rose Marie’s career.

We also talk about national and local politics, beginning with an explanation of the tax bill. I spoke with economic experts about the tax bill on WGN, and I asked Paul about a political and practical perspective. If the tax bill turns out to be a good thing, will Trump become a far more popular president? He says it’s likely not going to be a good thing in Illinois.

Paul says Trump is kind of already running for the next presidential election. He comments on who might run on the Democratic side.

What will happen if Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller finds there is collusion? And, should the FBI be criticized by the president?

Illinois and the city of Chicago are losing population. Does that matter? Lisnek says part of the problem is what most Chicagoans would agree with, “We’re being taxed to death.”




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