Conversation with Dr. Marc Bekoff: Can Dogs Survive Without Humans?


Dr. Marc Bekoff is a prolific author, and a prestigious one as well. His frequent collaborators include Dr. Jane Goodall, and the co-author of his current book Jessica Pierce.  Dr. Bekoff is an ethologist and researcher and professor emeritus ecology and evolutionary biology at University of Colorado, Boulder. His most recent title launches our discussion here, A Dog’s World: Imagining the Lives of Dogs in a World Without Humans.

Dale and Bekoff chat as a part of the Human Animal Bond Association series of Facebook Live conversations with experts regarding the bond. (Other conversations can be found on the Human Animal Bond Association YouTube page)

The book title tells it all. If all the humans on the planet went away (not sure where we are going), what happens to dogs? Would they survive as a species without us? Would some dog breeds faire better than others? Would large dogs or small dogs have an advantage? We discuss all of that.

And we chat a bit about his association with Dr. Goodall. After all, if Dr. Jane Goodall thinks you’re the bomb, you can’t be all bad. Certainly, on his own Dr. Bekoff is incredibly well regarding for what he’s taught millions about man’s best friends, what we know and what we thought we knew.