Conversation with Handler of Dog in an Iconic 9-11 Photo


Riley was his name, the Golden Retriever photographed in one of the most iconic images from Ground Zero, the site of the World Trade Center. Listen HERE to my conversation on WGN Radio, Steve Dale’s Other World, with Chris Selfridge, Riley’s handler.


Chris recalled how he heard about the attack on 9/11 and high-tailed it from his home in Pennsylvania to New York City. And what the scene was like when he arrived at Ground Zero.

It’s fascinating how Riley and other search and rescue dogs trained to find people alive, actually taught themselves on the spot to become a cadaver dog – Chris explains how that occurred.

The dogs provided a multitude of various services – which Chris describes in detail.

We talk about the photograph of Riley in the Stokes Basket, and how that came about.

Riley passed away in 2010. Of course, all the search and rescue dogs that worked at Ground Zero are gone

I mention David Letterman talking about the events of 9-11.

And here, I personally recall what it was like for me on 9-11 and also how I spoke with search and rescue dog handlers live on the radio from Ground Zero.