Cook County Low Cost Rabies and Low Cost Microchip Clinics


The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) now says, illnesses from mosquito, tick, and flea bites have tripled in the U.S., with more than 640,000 cases reported during the 13 years from 2004 through 2016. What does this all mean for our pets?

I talk HERE on Steve Dale’s Pet World on WGN Radio with Cook County veterinarian Dr. Donna Alexander, as she explains why this summer we will very likely have a huge population of mosquitoes, ticks and fleas in the Chicago area.

Dr. Donna Alexander on WGN radio

More mosquitoes means more heartworm disease in dogs (and other potential illness for people as well). Easy to protect pets from heartworm, using a traditional heartworm preventative, and the CDC would say – add a double defense mechanism, like Vectra 3D (which also protects against fleas and ticks). So, for no more dollars, you protect against fleas and ticks, and add an extra layer of protection regarding heartworm.

Ticks are everywhere now, as I point out ticks can even hitch a ride on us, and then bite an unprotected pet. I offered Dr. Alexander the story of how a tick even somehow wound up in a parked car, parked on a cement parking lot.

These are the bad guys

More ticks now in America for many reasons – which we talk about – and more ticks means more tick disease. Sometimes dogs may not offer clear symptoms, which is why the  the Snap 4Dx Plus test (from IDEXX) to determine exposure (and also heartworm exposure) is so incredibly important.

I point out that people are also susceptible to tick disease, Lyme being the most common. And as the CDC now indicates, there’s more tick disease than ever.

The Companion Animal Parasite council has been warning about tick diseases on the rise for years. It’s also important to know if your dog’s been exposed because a person was likely at the other end of that leash – family members may have been exposed as well.

These guys are needed, but can also carry rabies, as Dr. Alexander explains

Low Cost Rabies and Microchip Clinics

For people seeking a “bargain,” or who need financial assistance, Alexander is excited to announce this summer’s Cook County low cost rabies vaccine clinics – sponsored by Animal and Rabies Control and President Toni Preckwinkle, are offered May 29 through October 3, throughout all around Cook County, at many locations (see below list)

The low cost rabies vaccines are certainly offered for a low cost, $7 for one-year vaccine; $21 for three-year vaccine; and $9 for annual ferret rabies vaccine.

Low cost microchip clinics are offered:

  • July 26: Memorial Park, 612 Wentworth Ave., Calumet City, IL
  • August 30: Cicero Community Park, 34th Ct. and Laramie St, Cicero, IL
  • September 27: Highway Building, Garage 34, 1 Illinois Blvd., Hoffman Estates, IL.

The cost of microchip implants are $10 per animal. And remember don’t leave before you register that pet. National registration is $19.95 per animal (for the life of the animal, and no additional fees).

All vaccine and microchip clinics are 10 a.m. to 2:45 p.m.

Learn more HERE or call (708) 974-6140. Cash or checks accepted, no credit or debit cards.

Check this after show video, Dr. Alexander and I talk about leptospirosis and offer a dog flu update.

Rabies vaccine clinic listing: