Cool Pet Products


Here are some Cool Pet Products that I’ve been talking about on Steve Dale’s Pet World, one of my national radio shows. Visitors to the radio show’s website can see video on each of these:

Wander Hammock: Whether you are on your way to Granny’s house for turkey, or returning home from the dog park – this back seat cover saves upholstery and the cost of cleaning.

Wander Hammock

Kurgo, provides lots more accessories for traveling with pets, particularly by car. Safety matters; and their products are not only helpful but many are necessary.

Cloud Star Buddy Biscuits: While everyone is now talking about ‘all natural,’ this company’s been producing these all natural dog cookies for years.

Buddy Biscuits

They’re a particularly great option for dogs with food allergies. In fact, the company began in 1999 when Jennifer Melton and Brennan
Johnson adopted their dog Samantha.  She was a picky eater, and because
they could not find a commercially available treat to satisfy her
finicky palate, they ended up baking their

Talk to Me Treatball: I am SO in favor of pet parents leaving enrichment toys out to offer fun and games, and kibble when you’re not home.

Talk to Me Treatball

Imagine, rolling a ball and your pets actually hearing your voice. Here’s the deal, there’s a little tape recorder in the ball; each time the pet rolls the ball, your message plays. I love toys which not only offer some physical exercise when you’re not home, but also serve as mental stimulation.

Cool Pet Pad: The Cool Pet Pad is a soft cool pad, comfortable to lie on.. So, your athletic, older or arthritic dog plops down on the Cool Pet Pad for comfort, or any dog for that matter. Over time, it warms to the dogs body temperature, but when the dog gets up the Cool Pet Pad cools off again.

Cool Pet Pad

How? Larry Wright at the Green Pet Shop isn’t saying. No electricity or batteries involved. It is a miracle. All the products from this company are ‘green,’ including biodegradable poop bags, arguably the most important invention of the century.

Trupanion: I am a fan, in general, of pet insurance. And Trupanion is a a company – that with one simple plan (so many others offer an array of dizzying plans) provides medical insurance for pets. So, for when the unexpected happens, $6,000 expense for cancer treatment, or your dog is hit by a car….Sure, I believe $6,000 for cancer treatment in a dog is a bargain (compared to human medicine which can be literally ten times as much for the same treatment), if you don’t have the money you just don’t have it. But if a pet insurance carrier heroically swoops in to pay well over half, now we’re talking affordable.

Pet Corrector: Dr. Roger Mugford is a well known behaviorist with an international following, in the U.K., and elsewhere. He’s developed several products, including the Pet Corrector, which emits a hiss of air  to interrupt undesirable
behaviors such as jumping up or stealing. There is a detailed
training guide included, with helpful training tips. Where Dr. Mugford and I agree, solving behavior problems before they become serious saves lives.

TropiClean: Doggy breath isn’t ‘normal,’ it’s a sign of built up plaque and tartar. While brushing and dental products are important, they don’t brush their dog’s teeth.

TropiClean dental products

TropiClean has a easy way for your to better your dog’s oral hygiene – and no toothbrush is required. It’s easy and it works. Again, I’m not suggesting brushing is unimportant, just a reality than many don’t do it. Even if you do brush, this is a great supplement.

Stella and Chewy’s: Founder Marie Moody says that when she rescued Chewy from an animal shelter, he was a severely sick pup.

Stella and Chewy’s

She put him on a natural, raw diet upon a veterinarian’s advice.
Chewy was well on the road to recovery within days!
Stella is Chewy’s best friend. What you see is what you get, no outsourcing from another country – all made in the U.S.A. And sugar and no salt.

Pet Mobility Rehab Center: Sometimes referred to as pet wheelchairs or carts,

K9 Carts, Pet Mobility Rehab Center

So many, too many pets are euthanized when it is possible for them to continue an excellent quality of life. They don’t think, ‘Oh, woe is me,’ given the right equipment they just keep on going, tails wagging. For pets with some neurological issues, these mobility devices are really a form of rehab and soon the pets are on their own. This is truly wonderful! 

The companies selected for the Cool Pet Products page have all made a
generous donation to the American Humane Association.