Cuddle Bunny


Peace, love and bunnies. On WGN Radio, I talk HERE with  Barbara “BB” Burdick of Cuddle Bunny (2109 N. Clark St.), who comes into the studio with a bunny in hand.

With Pepe and Barbara Burdick of Cuddle Bunny

Burdick says “Bunnies will help you to feel good.” Cuddle Bunny Club Care and Community and is a therapeutic bunny interactive place. The dopamine and smiles you get from petting a bunny is free.

Cuddle Bunny is most often visited by college kids.

The Bunny Club here and is quite different than anything Hugh Hefner might have thought about.

Gray Ghost is a Flemish Giant

There’s bunny yoga and bunny Pilates and other special events.

Cuddle Bunny opened at the height of the pandemic and turned out to be a respite in the storm, a place to go and clearly helped people to feel good petting bunnies. Another purpose, aside from helping people to feel good, is to provide education about rabbits.

Among the rabbits at Cuddle Bunny is a Flemish Giant and Lionhead rabbit but most are owner surrenders (having said that, this is is not a place to relinquish rabbits – they’re not an animal shelter).

Soon, there will be low sensory petting options for people on the spectrum.