Cures4Cats: And Ways You Can Win Swag from Winn Feline


The Winn Feline Foundation 2019 Cures4Cats campaign focus will be an extension of last year’s campaign focus, chronic kidney disease (CKD). This year, the emphasis is on feline high blood pressure or hypertension, which related to kidney disease in cats.

Feline Hypertension is quite common in cats but as in people it’s termed a “silent killer.” And when not diagnosed and treated can cause or contribute to issues potentially leading to death. However, with timely detection due to regular monitoring and screening, most treatment plans are successful in managing.

Winn Feline Foundation wants to increase awareness of the importance of routine monitoring and management of feline hypertension. Raising funds for further research will enable an even more hopeful future for all cats.

The Cures4Cats campaign goal is to ultimately raise money for feline kidney disease in which Winn Feline Foundation will match dollar for dollar up to $50,000.

Winn Feline has partnered with SunTech Medical. They are generously offering $150 off the retail price of any SunTech veterinary blood pressure monitor to any practice or individual donating to this campaign. They will also be donating a Vet25 Veterinary Blood Pressure Monitor for companion animals to be given to the hospital or organization that raises the most money in donations for Cures4Cats by referrals to The winner will be announced the first week of January 2020.

Use the hashtag #cures4cats, for help the Winn Feline Foundation and you to win if you happen to work at a vet clinic. The top two veterinary hospitals/organizations posting educational /or team photos/videos of what you’re doing for Cures4Cats during the campaign will get Cures4Cats swag for all team members. Winn will also be offering this to the top five individuals in these efforts.

Winn Feline executive director Julie Legred says, “During the 2019 campaign, we want to encourage you to keep checking our website. Winn will be providing content for email, website, social media and contests. It takes EVERYONE to help in the Cures4Cats Campaign to continue to ensure EVERY CAT, EVERY DAY BENEFITS FROM WINN-FUNDED RESEARCH.”