Cures4Cats Day: Crush Feline Diabetes


Happy Cures4Cats Day: October 17, and the remainder of this month into next month (November is National Diabetes Month), the Winn Feline Foundation will raise dollars to support studies of diabetes in cats.

Winn Feline Foundation is a non-profit funder of cat health studies. It turns out that so much of what we know about diabetes in cats was once funded by Winn, but there is so much more to learn, to lower the cost of treatment and make that treatment easier cat parents to implement. Of course, the ultimate goal is prevention.

There is a relationship between diabetes in cats (Type 2 diabetes or diabetes mellitus) and the same disease in people – so understanding feline diabetes will better help us.

It’s the Winn Feline Foundation that first discovered that – at that time – veterinarians misunderstood diabetes in cats.

Today, we know diabetic cats can live a full life, assuming there’s appropriate treatment, which usually includes a change in diet. That need for a higher protein diet was also proven with Winn Feline Foundation support.  In fact, another Winn funded project proved that with weight loss, exercise, proper diet and appropriate insulin treatment – many cats do go into remission. And for some cats, that remission can last the rest of a cat’s life.

Continuous Glucose Monitors for Cats

Also, Winn Feline has recently supported studies of usage of continuous glucose monitors in cats

Continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) are devices that attach to a patient for up to two weeks and measure interstitial glucose levels during that time. These devices have become more affordable and applicable in veterinary medicine in the past few years. CGMs have many significant advantages over traditional methods of glucose monitoring; these advantages make them essential tools for management of feline patients as they have with people.

Help Reach Long-term Goals to Best Help Cats

Like everything, prevention is best. Clearly, maintaining cats that are lean and well exercised with enriched environments can help to lower the number of diabetic cats. But is there more to it? Likely, the answer is yes, and Winn Feline Foundation funding will learn what that is to benefit cats’ quality of life and our lives with cats.

Winn offers is easy to read free handout on diabetes in cats, authored by Dr. Susan Little, former president of the Winn Feline Foundation and Dr. Letrisa Miller.

Help support Winn Feline Foundation’s Cures4Cats, funding for studies on diabetes in cats.