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Did you know we are in the midst of Cures4Cats Month, and Dr. Vicki Thayer, executive director of the Winn Feline Foundation explains HERE on my WGN Radio Steve Dale’s Pet World show why the non-profit that supports funding for cat health studies will focus on raising money to better understand diabetes in cats.  And it happens that for people November is National Diabetes Month, according to the National Diabetes Association. Dr. Thayer explains that diabetes in cats and diabetes in people are very similar, and studying one can potentially help the other as well.

Dr. Thayer explains that while people are terrified when they hear their cat is diabetic because that means the cat very likely requires insulin shots. Fact is that it’s likely far easier to give a cat a shot (with insulin) than to give a cat a pill. What’s more with weight loss, exercise, a special diet and insulin, a significant percent of cats may actually go into remission. How does that happen? And why don’t all cats go into remission? Those are two of the many questions which researchers would love answers.

Dr. Thayer notes the most common signs of diabetes in cats, which are quite similar to people (though urinating outside the litter box is not typically a sign in people).

There is a clear connection between diabetes and overweight cats

When cats are terrified at the vet clinic – at least the cat is in the clinic – but the blood work may be challenging to read. Veterinarians can far more easily diagnosed diabetes when they know what normal readings are for that individual cat when the cat is calm and relaxed. Dr. Thayer and I agree that this is why getting cats acclimated to visits is so important, which is what the Cat Friendly Practices and Fear Free initiatives are all about.

Also, Winn Feline has recently supported studies of usage of continuous glucose monitors in cats

Continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) are devices that attach to a patient for up to two weeks and measure interstitial glucose levels during that time. These devices have become more affordable and applicable in veterinary medicine in the past few years. CGMs have many significant advantages over traditional methods of glucose monitoring; these advantages make them essential tools for management of feline patients as they have with people.

Winn Feline offers is easy to read free handout on diabetes in cats.

Help support Winn Feline Foundation’s Cures4Cats, funding for studies on diabetes in cats.

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