Cutting Nails the Easy Way, Mikkel Becker Fear Free Happy Homes


with Mikkel Becker

Mikkel Becker, certified pet dog trainer and lead dog trainer Fear Free Happy Homes discusses, the arduous challenge of cutting dog or cat nails HERE on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio. It’s a really common problem, and some animals literally have a panic attack when they see the nail clippers. Literally, they may be thinking their lives are about to end – they’re not being dramatic, per se, to impress you – it’s not about you. Mikkel says, this struggle doesn’t need to happen. We can actually ask our dogs and cats to participate in the process.

Mikkel offers great tips and tricks to fix the problem of terrified animals who see the nail clippers come out and want to leave the country. She explain how to do what professionals call desensitization and counterconditioning.

We also discuss Fear Free Happy Homes, and why I suggest this is a very special website with useful (and free) information you can trust. In particular, when it comes to pet behavior there is so much misinformation.

Purple Leash Project

Nicole Forsyth, President and CEO of Red Rover, a national non-profit which that brings animals from crisis to care talks here about what some have dubbed the pandemic within the pandemic, domestic violence. From this effort, the Purple Leash Project – also supported by Purina – was created to focus on animal victims, and to provide places for families to escape violence.

Forsyth says survivors won’t leave the abusive situation without having somewhere to leave with their pets. What’s more, the abuser often begins by abusing the family pet, and threatens to further harm the animal if “you leave.” Besides, historically, there’s been nowhere to flee with a pet. Via the Purple Leash Project there are now more shelters that allow pets, increasing about 10 percent in the past year. It’s nowhere near enough shelters – but at least moving in the right direction. Check out the website don’ to learn more.

What Do Dogs Mourn

Do dogs mourn the loss of another household dog? Results of an international study.