David Frei at the Beverly Hills Dog Show Presented by Purina


He’s Mr. Dog Show, a member of the Dog Writers’ Association Hall of Fame, founder of Angel on a Leash – Sir David Frei talks about the Third Annual Beverly Hills Dog Show presented by Purina.  The show is on NBC on Easter Sunday, April 21, 1 pm ET and 10 am Pacific.

David Frei and Angel

This is like an Academy Awards of dog show, as some of the best dogs in the nation will be there. What’s more, stars with two legs will be there too! I name only a few.

Of course, if you are to ask the dogs, Frei is the biggest star of all. If there’s a dog show anywhere worth broadcasting, Frei has been at the microphone for decades.

I ask Frei why it is so often that terriers win dog shows. And who is favored to win the Beverly Hills Dog Show. While Frei offers insight, you’ll have to see for yourself on NBC on Easter Sunday.