Dead Dogs Found at Lake County "Shelter"


The owner of a Deer Park animal shelter is being held in Lake County Jail after 13 dogs were found dead in her facility on Friday, December 17, according to printed reports.

Diane Eldrup, 48, owner of the Muddy paws Animal shelter, which she operated out of her home,was charged with aggravated cruelty to animals and is being held on a
$250,000 bond, according to the Lake County, IL Sheriff’s Department.

A spokeswoman for the Lake County
Health Department, said that Eldrup’s estranged husband had gone to pick
up some belongings at Eldrup’s home, where the shelter is located, when
he discovered the 13 dead dogs, as well as four live dogs and two live
cats. The live dogs were severely dehydrated and
emaciated, while the cats were in slightly better condition. The live animals were taken to a local animal hospital for treatment, and are being scanned for microchips. The estranged husband said it was all begun with the right intentions, but after he left and due to various other expenses and her health problems, Eldrup was in way over her head.