Dead Dogs Found in Freezer


More than 30 dogs — both dead and alive — were found amid horrendous conditions in a Lake County, IN home on Friday, March 4.

Investigators from the
sheriff’s department made the discovery after executing a search warrant
at the home on 245th Street in Schneider, IN., according to the Times of Northwest Indiana.  The warrant was obtained on allegations of animal abuse and neglect.

Seventeen mixed-breed dogs,
likely Border Collie and Australian Shepherd mixes, were found alive. The
carcasses of another 15 dogs were found in a blood-stained freezer.

The 62-year-old homeowner was
not at present during the search.  She’s not been publicly identified
because formal charges haven’t yet been issued, but she’s expected to
be charged with one count of animal cruelty and neglect for each dog.

Neighbors say the woman had previously lived out of her car, though she vacated her home to do it. Neighbors say they had previously complained about this woman and her dogs – though they, of course, were unaware of the dead dogs in the freezer.

The dogs found alive are being treated at the Lake County Animal Shelter.  A veterinarian performed an initial check-up on all of the dogs at the
home before they were transported.  A few of the females may have
mammary cancer due to being overbred; confirmation  will come

The investigation was part of a new initiative through the
department. A new animal cruelty task force is being developed by the Lake County Sheriff’s Department. A photo gallery of the rescue – your stomach may be turned.