Dear Doctor: Thank You


Dear Doctor,

In the Chicago area well over a thousand dogs sickened, at least five dogs dead because of this new Asian strain of the canine flu. All those involved agree the numbers are very likely higher. Many emergency rooms filled most each and every evening.  At Chicago Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Center, there was actually a line of dogs. I was hoping that the epidemic was slowing….I’m unsure but it seems not to be the case, at least not yet. At some veterinary practices routinely 10 to 20 sick, coughing dogs daily. This means not only treating these dogs, but also seeing dogs with lesser symptoms such as lethargy, fever, lack of appetite, but seeing regular clients as well. Aside from the dog flu, other animals still get sick; dogs still need heartworm preventatives, cats still create those hairballs, etc. 

I know this is what veterinarians get paid for – but trust me, so many individuals are going above and beyond, not only in ‘hours at the office,’ but also the work load and phone time talking with distraught and concerned dog owners. I’m quite certain that the number of deaths could have been much higher if it wasn’t for cutting edge medicine and veterinarians like those we have in Chicago – we are blessed. Day after day dealing with this, my gosh, veterinarians are human beings – it’s fatiguing.

I am fully aware that veterinarians don’t do their jobs alone….from the front office staff dealing with panicked dog owners to the cleaning staff scrupulously wiping germs away over and over again and still over again; and most especially the hearts of veterinary medicine, veterinary technicians.

On behalf of Chicago area pet owners – thank you. If you save my dogs – you save me…..Please accept this blog as a giant hug.