Declaw Should Be Called Multiple Amputations


with John Records Landecker

What a declaw is

Listen HERE to Steve Dale in  his monthly appearance with radio legend John Landecker on WGN Radio. Steve tells the truth about what declaw is. Call it whatever you like, declaw is – in fact – an elective amputation. Explained is how declaw originated. Declaw is inconsistent with the veterinary oath to do no harm. Study after study details there is a price to be paid following declaw. In fact, because many declawed cats are more likely to bite or have accidents outside the litter box, these cats are more likely to be relinquished.

Right now, the bill in Illinois to ban declaw is being held up by lobbyists hired by the Illinois State Veterinary Association ISVMA) who clearly do not represent their constituent veterinarians, as most veterinary professionals don’t support declaw. The ISVMA argument that declaw is no big deal because pain relief is offered is crazy as saying a doctor should amputate an arm because the person once punched someone in the face and because there’s pain relief, it’s no big deal. The fact is that you can teach cats to scratch where you want, instead of a chair or sofa. And there are a myriad of long-term effects of declawing cats.

The American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) says if you want to be a Cat Friendly Practice, you can’t declaw. Simply, that is because being Cat Friendly is impossible to call any practice that correspondingly declaws. Here’s a conversation with Dr. Kelly St. Dennis, past president of AAFP regarding declaw from Steve Dale’s Pet World national radio show. AAFP isn’t alone, the over 2,000 Banfield, VCA or Blue Pearl veterinary practices all won’t declaw. And veterinary schools no longer teach how to declaw.  Fear Free is also opposed to declaw. Even the conservative American Veterinary Medical Association, which rarely tells their members how to practice, clearly aren’t a fan of declaw.

Steve discusses declaw 4 p.m. at the Chicago Vet Veterinary Conference at Navy Pier in a talk, Cats Are Authors: The Scratch to Communicate and New Truth About Declaw.

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With John Landecker on WGN Radio, Steve explains the necessity of enriching dogs and cats lives. However, even more urgent is the necessity to enrich lives of pet parrots. This is like a parrot dating service.