Diabetes in Dogs and Cats and IBD in Cats


On Steve Dale’s Pet World on WGN, listen HERE as Dr. Dana Varble, chief veterinary officer of North American Veterinary Community discusses what’s new when it comes to diabetes in dogs and cats, as far as diagnosis, treatment and monitoring.

Dr.Dana Varble

Among cats, diabetes might even be termed an epidemic and in dogs – who suffer from a different kind of diabetes – it’s also on the rise, and no one knows why.

Dr. Varble discusses some of the difference in diabetes in cats compared to dogs.

What happens next, when you tell clients, “Your pet has diabetes.”  Dr.Varble explains there’s a lot of good news. And veterinarians are learning about what’s cutting edge from conferences like VMA and the North American Veterinary Community, like insulin products like ProZinc, which are FDA approved insulin products specifically for dogs and cats, and here’s a product which requires once a day dosing for dogs and about twice a day for cats. This is better for the pets, and better for us too regarding living with diabetic pets.

Measuring diabetes in cats is now easy, with cat cuffs or wearable glucose monitors, originally funded by EveryCat Health Foundation.

And also funded by EveryCat we now know that some cats may actually go into remission and Dr.Varble explains how that may be possible.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Cats

Dr.Brian Holub

I also talk HERE with Dr. Brian Holub, chief medical officer at VetCor and member of the Board Of Directors and Scientific Advisory Board, EveryCat Health Foundation about the surprisingly common problem of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) in cats.

Dr. Holub explains what IBD is, and how this affects cats. It’s a disease caused by inflammation causing anything from periodic discomfort to being life-threatening and everything in between. And Dr. Holub explains how veterinarians diagnose IBD. And what we now know about treatment, greatly as a result of funding from EveryCat Health Foundation.

Dr. Holub speaks to the vision of the EveryCat Health Foundation, and the difference this non profit has made for cats.

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