Diego is Drinking from Fish Tank


Q: Is it ok for Diego to drink to water from the fish tank? C. H., Cyberspace

A: It’s a mystery as to whether Diego is a dog or a cat, still emergency veterinarian Dr. Heather Loenser of Lebanon, NJ of the American Animal Hospital Association can offer advice because for the most part it doesn’t much matter. “A salt water tank might be more of an issue, depending on much water Diego is drinking,” she says. “There’s no nice way to say this – there’s fish poop in there, and even filtered tanks will have some bacteria. Again, it depends on how much Diego drinks, but it’s certainly not like drinking bottled water.”

Loenser also wonders about the welfare of the fish. “While there’s likely nothing in the mouth of Diego that will cause harm to the fish, it’s got to be terrifying to watch a predator sink his mouth into the tank,” she says. “And maybe for good reason unless you have piranha. And if you have piranha, I worry about Diego.”

There’s also a concern about Diego swallowing an accidental (or not so accidental) seafood dinner, or potentially knocking over the fish tank.

If Diego is attracted to the moving water – far safer for all involved to purchase a drinking fountain for pets (available wherever pet products are sold).