Dining with Dogs, And Taking Off the Pounds: Steve Dale's Pet World on WLS


There are now many dog friendly restaurants in Chicago – places that welcome canine clientele.

One of those restaurants has been in the news a lot lately….it so happens that Bobby Hull watched the Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup at Harry Caray’s Tavern, Navy Pier.

Bobby Hull, just after watching the Hawks clinch the Cup with Grant DePorter

Strictly personal: I knew Chicago restaurateur Arnie Morton, met Don Roth several times, I’m friends Bob Djahanguiri – no question Grant DePorter is the guru of Chicago restaurants in our time. Grant will talk about doggy dinning, the many dogs of his life and what it was like to celebrate the coming of the Cup with the Golden Jet, 2 pm (cst) Saturday June 19 on Steve Dale’s Pet World, 890-AM WLS.

Now, that you feed (or over-feed) your dog – let’s get the weight off….Naked Fitness guru Andrea Metcalf of Ch. 5 talks about how and why you need to exercise with your best friend.

Here’s some pretty sad news, about half or more of all our dogs are a tad too portly.

Andrea Metcalf

There’s actually new science which demonstrates that people told to exercise for their health aren’t likely to do it. However, if they’re told that their dog needs exercise, most dog owners will do begin to walk because it will be good for their best friends. Also, as a side benefit – walking with your dog is wonderful enrichment for your dog, and a great way to socialize puppies. Paws-ialtes is Metcalf’s invention, a way to work your waistline with your canine.