Discussion About High Suicide Rate Among Veterinarians


Suicide rate among veterinarians is among the highest of all professions (varies on the source, but typically in the top-five), Matt Holland, president of the Student American Veterinary Medical Association, talks about financial and emotional pressures which contribute HERE on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio.

The average debt of a vet student is over $150,000 – that’s a part of the financial pressure.

The emotional pressure derives from dealing with life and death daily, even making those decisions – as many veterinarians euthanize many pets a week. That has to be an emotional roller coaster.

Holland notes that having access to certain drugs, and a certain personality type (with a higher than average depression rate), and academic pressure in school all contribute to this suicide rate. So, he suggests (and I agree) give your veterinary professional a hug today.

Interestingly, decided to go to vet school late, after starting a career covering sports in the media.