Discussion of Contemporary Issues in Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Sandra Faeh


Dr.Sandra Faeh

Dr. Sandra Faeh has been involved with organized veterinary medicine for over 20 years, since her junior year of veterinary school when she served as Student AVMA President and later President of the Chicago Medical Association; now she’s running for President of the American Veterinary Medical Association. (AVMA).

Listen HERE to Steve Dale’s Pet World WGN Radio, to a wide-ranging conversation about how the profession has changed post pandemic and what that means to pet parents. “My pet is sick and can’t get an appointment.”

There’s a veterinary shortage of not only veterinarians also technicians/nurses. And the issues regarding technicians/nurses can be rectified. Dr. Faeh talks about why more people in the past year or two may have left the profession compared to the number entering the profession – and this is especially true among emergency veterinarians,

The discussion includes tele-triage and telemedicine, and how that may be a part of the solution to all that’s going on.  And it turns out, this is what many clients prefer anyhow as a means of communication, particularly millennials.

Dr. Faeh discusses how technology is changing so fast, as veterinarians are utilizing artificial intelligence.

The stressors on veterinary professionals are now monumental, and as  a result the suicide rate in veterinary medicine is surprisingly over the top. Few veterinarians and/or technicians sadly don’t know a colleague who has taken his or her own life.

Pandemic Pets

Here’s what happened with spay/neuter and shelter adoptions during the pandemic, and where we are now.