Discussion on Heart Disease (HCM) in Cats with Dr. Chris Menges of Basepaws and Steve Dale


Dr. Chis Menges, chief veterinary officer at Basepaws and myself are teaming up May 30, 2 p.m  CT  for a free webinar on heart disease in cats, Feline HCM a Silent Killer: And a Piano Playing Cat Named Ricky.

For every DNA kit purchased from Basepaws through the end of the May, Basepaws wll donate $5 to the Ricky Fund, The DNA test is simply fun – telling you all you need to know, sharing secrets about your cats’ genetics that your cat isn’t telling you about.

In this video, Dr. Liz Bales and myself question Dr. Menges about feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), which is by far the most common heart disease in cats.  What the disease is in the first place is explained, as well as early signs of HCM might be and what can be done preventively. Also, how the Winn Feline Foundation Ricky Fund has contributed so much to our knowledge of HCM. For example Dr. Menges talks about identifying gene defects in Ragdolls and Maine Coon cats and what that means.

Dr. Bales talks about her own experience with HCM with her own personal cat.

And Dr, Menges explains what we know about the genetic of HCM.

Without hearing a cat’s heart to determine if there’s a murmur, a general practicing veterinarian can’t offer a potential early warning. Though, a murmur doesn’t always equate with heart disease. So, what’s the next step? We talk about this.

Also, if you do have a cat you know has HCM you can help other cats. Basepaws wants a cheek swab of your kitty. The goal is to further characterize the genetic basis of specific traits and diseases which are currently unknown. The goal is for the work to further the understanding of the complex relationships between genetic variations and their physical expression of HCM. Learn more HERE; there is no fee for this.