Do No Harm Dog Training and Behavior Handbook


This giant book is terrific, from Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio listen HERE to Linda Michaels, author of The Do No Harm Dog Training and Behavior Handbook, featuring the Hierarchy of Dog Needs, and she explains what those needs are. The hierarchy of dog needs is now being utilized by veterinary professionals and other dog trainers.

Michaels also discusses how dog training methods DO matter, and what dog trainers to run the other way from.So many “trendy” trainers of the moment because of their presence in social media  and promise to transform aggressive dogs with “my methods” do a lot of harm via their training methods.

Dogs don’t get up in the morning wanting to harm people. When there’s aggression, something is bothering the dog, usually the dog is fearful of something. She talks about how temporarily inhibiting behavior via intimidation is way different that changing braining chemistry by simply removing a trigger so the dog no longer feels the need to be aggressive, and even better when combined with appropriate psycho-pharmacology.

Also, an interesting conversation about socialization without flooding – and what that means.

Do’s and don’ts for house-training. With young pups, hourly trips outside are best. She offers a secret tip about what to do if the dog does have an accident.

Discussed is that people want to socialize puppies, and Michaels talks abut what some well-meaning individuals may try which can do harm.

Also, what teaching dogs incompatible behaviors means.

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