Do You Vaccinate Against Bordetella or Dog Flu, or Both?


Dr. Natalie Marks

The vaccine for kennel cough or bordetella is routinely vaccinated against. I asked Dr. Natalie Marks on my national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show if  routinely dogs should also be vaccinated against the canine influenza virus (CIV) or dog flu.

Both kennel cough and dog flu have much in common. For example, Dr. Marks says they are both easily spread at daycare, boarding or grooming facilities, even walking down the street and greeting other dogs. Overall, she’s encouraging both the continuation of the bordetella vaccine as well the vaccine for dog flu – both.

Dr. Marks explains what bordetella is, a very annoying and very contagious cough. Kennel cough is indeed very annoying but doesn’t kill dogs. The dog flu is a much more worrisome disease, potentially causing hospitalization and may be fatal to two to five percent of dogs. Marks says what we really don’t want to see are both diseases, bordetella and dog flu happen simultaneously in one dog. She suggests vaccinating many dogs for both bordetella and the dog flu. Learn more about dog flu (CIV) here.