Dog Age Calculator


It’s one of those questions I am asked most often, “How old is my dog in human years?”

It’s more than curiosity however. As Dr. Leslie Brooks veterinary advisor at betterpet states, “Unfortunately, many pet owners don’t always know how old their dog actually is and how they should be caring for their furry friend. If pet parents know their dog’s exact stage of life, they can make better decisions about their diet, nutrition, exercise, and health. That’s why my team decided to make a resource like this free and accessible to the public.”

The dog age calculator is fascinating to read and play with and does use data from recent studies. Choose your breed or any breed, then compare to what the human age is.

There a couple of factors missing, as breeds age into their geriatric years – they typically age more quickly in human years compared to mid-life. For example a dog who is say 6-years old may age five to seven human years in a year but at age 14 may age eight to nine human years or more. Secondly, as in people, some seem forever young. Just as we’ve all met 85 year olds who still have a spring in their step and don’t appear their age or act their age, and 65 year olds who act pretty much like 90. Genetics, exercise, diet and other factors all play a role in individual dogs just as in humans.

No matter, this is still fun to explore. Check out the dog age calculator HERE (by Brooke Bundy) and see how old your dog might be (give or take) in human years.